I was hired by Makeup Artist, Ivana Primorac to be one of the Hair & Makeup trainees (crowd) on the set of Brighton Rock starring Helen Mirren, Andrea Riseborough and Sam Riley. The film takes place in 1964 and is based on Graham Greene’s novel.  All the makeup I did was 1960’s and the hair I styled on men and children had to last a whole day in the cold, windy weather on Eastbourne beach. Really long hours working on the set including an hours commute each way home.  Days began at 5:00a.m. for a call time of approximately 7:00a.m. until sundown.  I was knackered after this week!  Lots of scenes took place outside in the chilly streets and pier of Eastbourne.

Watch the film to see if you can see me as a Mod extra during the scooter and riot scenes! Rode in a Mod gang of 100 scooters for about 12 hours; that is when mu husband’s “trusty” Lambretta (more like rusty!) didn’t break down leaving us stranded on the side of the set.  My lungs really hurt from inhaling all the exhaust fumes.  Really enjoyed beating up some greasy Rockers on the beach and throwing fake rocks up onto the pier.  Went through about 3 pairs of vintage shoes to the dismay of the Costume department!  Very nippy weather despite the winter coats we are all wearing. At least I got to meet Sam Riley (see photos above!).

Hair and makeup trainee for Brighton Rock 2010 (crowd / Mods and Rockers)

stop the clip at 0:50 to see me as a Mod in the film!

Brittany Jamison LackeyMore awesome behind the scenes footage from the film set below